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This law firm focuses on education law, human rights, police law, criminal law, civil litigation, administrative, constitutional and public law.

Our goal is the passionate pursuit of truth, social justice, equity and human rights through grass root community work and fearless advocacy. We achieve this goal by providing the highest quality legal services to you in an effective and efficient manner. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are our watch words. We invite you to talk with us about how we may be of service to you.

Selwyn currently practices law in downtown Toronto at Pieters Law Office, Adelaide Place, DBRS Tower, 181 University Avenue, Suite 2200, Toronto, Ontario, where about 35 independent lawyers share space and resources in a professional office setting not unlike that of a medium-sized law firm.

Selwyn is also an Attorney-at-Law in the Republic of Guyana and Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Selwyn A. Pieters

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